Jan. 30th, 2010

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If you are in the UK and didn't register to vote during the annual canvas in October 2009, you should register to vote soon, as there must be a general election on or before 3rd June 2010. The deadline for registering will be 11 working days before the election and it's possible that an election could be called at short notice (rather than May, which is when I would expect it to be called).

Also, if you are in England and Wales, some counties have opened library registration to people who don't live within the area but live elsewhere within England and Wales - Westminster (has a number of reference/special interest libraries), Southwark, Oxfordshire and Cambridgeshire (to those in neighbouring counties, not all of England and Wales).
karen2205: Me with proper sized mug of coffee (Default)
I don't really want to continue with British Gas Homecare as British Gas, as a company, have irritated me enormously over the past year. The cost of what they propose for the next year "Homecare 200 Flexi" is £150. This includes an annual service.

Google has led me to Homeserve and I like the look of Easy Pay Gas Central Heating Cover. I know there is no cover for the first 28 days of the policy. It will cost £86.30 for the year. [The cost for the alternative product including an annual service is £153.42]

My boiler is at least 19 years old, if not closer to 29 years old. It would be eligible for the £400 government grant for replacing it, but that isn't something I want to do right now.

Given the age of the boiler, am I right in thinking that I should probably find insurance cover/a service contract that includes an annual service? [I'm not going to go with Homeserve's product as it's more expensive, but will keep looking].

Does anyone know anything about Homeserve?

Anyone have any other pearls of wisdom regarding heating cover products they want to share?


AOS are more expensive than British Gas and require someone to come out and see the system before you can apply for cover.
Domestic and General won't cover my boiler as it's a conventional boiler over 15 years old.
EON won't cover my postcode

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