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Karen ([personal profile] karen2205) wrote2010-05-08 10:32 pm

Election - campaign material

Posting so that I can put these leaflets in the recyling bin and cutting for boredom

Candidates standing:

David Ruffley, Conservative - received two pieces of publicity, one addressed to me, one not
David Chappell, Liberal Democrat - received two pieces of publicity, both addressed to me
Kevin Hind, Labour - received two pieces of publicity, both unaddressed
John Howlett, UK Independence Party - received one piece of publicity, unaddressed
Mark Ereira-Guyer, Green - received two pieces of publicity, both unaddressed.

John Howlett is the structural engineer I used when I purchased this house. If he'd been standing for the Conservative party I might have voted for him, as in my dealings with him he seemed competent and reasonable. UKIP, I'm not willing to vote for.

None of the campaigning material was helpful to me in determining who to vote for. Only the stuff from the Green Party impressed me (because I was expecting worse - it discussed their policies, rather than what other people have or have not done and was typeset well) and I have no intention of voting Green. The Labour info jumps between different font faces for seemingly no reason and is short on detail (though not as short as either the Conservatives or Liberal Democrats). The Conservative stuff was too dull to read - full of pictures of David Ruffley doing things in the constituency and written mostly in a 'this is why Labour are bad' way than a 'this is why we're good' way. It's also rather hypocritical for someone who got caught out in the expenses scandal to write 'We've led the way on clearning up MPs' expenses and we'll finish the job by scrapping the perks'. The Lib Dem stuff just feels short on detail.

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