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BBC 3 - Large breasts

Rant type thing. The subject matter will be obvious:)

I have bigger breasts than more or less everyone I know (36J/36JJ). I have never experienced back, shoulder or neck pain that I would relate to my breasts. Nor have I experienced any hatred of my breasts. I like my breasts.

[I don't doubt that people can get back/neck/shoulder pain attributable to their large breasts, but I object to the generalisation that such pain in inevitable. I also don't really get how people can hate individual bits of their body - I'm sure people can, but again I dislike the generalisation that owners of large breasts don't like them. Yes, they were raising the issue that while large breasts are considered generally attractive people who have them don't always like their own, which is a good point to make, because there are consequences to large breasts that aren't readily understood unless you have them [bouncing when jumping, running etc, heat rash on the underside of the breast + chest wall, pimples on the underside of the breast, rolling over in bed can be painful if you roll without adjusting your breasts, inability to see the bit of your body immediately below your breasts] but it doesn't mean everyone with large breasts hates them!]

The importance of a well fitting bra is clear. I despair though of people being so upset they're willing to consider anything to reduce their bust size that they'll go on a telly programme before they've investigated correctly fitting bras for themselves. If you've got large breasts, a push up bra is unlikely to be a good choice, nor are low cut bras. The point of a bra (for the larger busted) is to support the breasts in a sensible position and there needs to be enough fabric and strength in the bra to do that.

There are now specialist retailers about who sell bras for the larger busted that can be found with a google. What's so hard about doing that?

Exercise as a way to reduce body-fat is also a useful strategy towards a smaller bust (though some people will always have bigger busts than average for their frames). Again, as some exercise causes bouncing boobs, having a properly fitting bra is a prerequisite for that kind of exercise. I think there's also some merit in wearing a lycra/other stretchy material top or even leotard under other clothing.

The main redeeming feature about the programme was the young Scottish woman who chose not to have surgery to reduce her breast size.

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