karen2205: Me with proper sized mug of coffee (Default)
Karen ([personal profile] karen2205) wrote2010-08-19 10:23 am


Was really not very amused when the phone rang just after 8am this morning. I was expecting it to be someone-important-for-work-reasons not a computer generated voice with some sort of voice recognition system.

It's fundamentally bad security for a bank to be phoning me asking for security details. How am I supposed to tell that it is the bank and not a criminal scam?

I phoned them back about an hour later and again got an automated answering system, wanting me to talk to it before I could get through to a person who confirmed the automated phone call was Egg and that I had to go through to their security team.

Egg is only worth putting up with because Egg Money Manager is useful. Otherwise they could fuck right off with their computer generated speech calls at uncivilised hours of the morning and lack of alternative provision to the automated answering system to enable one to speak to a human.

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