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Firstly a telephone call this morning offering me another job and only giving me fifteen minutes to decide whether I want to take it. Ahh - I hate it when I have to make decisions that important without much time. In the end I decided not to accept it - despite the fact that it could be useful career wise - it being a paralegal role, because it involves less pay, possibly longer hours and more awkward travelling. Hope I've done the right thing.

Then on the bus on the way home, I encountered someone who recognised me - a guy who'd been at junior school with me. Even once he'd told me his name I couldn't match the face with my distant memory of him; but anyway, what's more important that who he is, was what he was doing.

He was being rude and abusive - 'fucking huge tits' seeming to be the most 'creative' insult he could come up with - which to be honest isn't really that offensive. So what? Yes I have large breasts. End of story. I guess it was partly my own fault (that it continued, *not* that it started in the first place); I tried to ignore him, but thought a choice insult might work, which it didn't and so started a slanging match most of the way home. I do feel rather guilty about the other passengers who had to listen to it all. I'm just amazed at how little I'm bothered by it nowadays; when I was eleven I had the right idea - I theoretically didn't care what people like him said to me, but every so often something'd get through to me and upset me. Even the 'haven't you ever heard of a Gillette Mark 3?' (I've always had fairly dark hair gowing on my top lip) doesn't bother me anymore. I suppose I'm irritated that I couldn't come up with better retorts, though obnoxious prick seemed to work quite well, but apart from that I really couldn't care less. Even when he put a finger on my breast which caused me to react by pushing his arm away and shouting 'Get your fucking hands off me' my reaction was more out of principle/surprise than real offence. Theoretically what he did was battery, but despite it being so serious as to be technically illegal, I'm still not particularly bothered by it. I wonder why; is *this* what growing up's all about????

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