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Don't seem to have a great deal I want to write about atm - possibly 'cos it's all rather mundane.

Let's see: Coffee in Borders last Tuesday involved some very political discussion and for once I wasn't being ganged up upon by a load of lefties. Got 49% on the property mock - so I really will have to do some work there (and I did start in on that by reading a couple of chapters of the resource book on Sunday).

Nice quiet weekend - actually caught up on some long over due email replies during the LiveJournal outage on Saturday (though there's more to go). Heard that one of the people I met at HGC Widegames died on Saturday night from cancer:-(

Criminal last night didn't seem too bad. Coffee in Borders again this evening - I must try to visit John Lewis before going to Borders - I want some telly prices, 'cos I've got to get round to sorting out a new telly. Picked up a catalogue from one of the electrical places on Tottenham Court Road as I walked past last night - and the only tellies it had were plasma flat screen things, which isn't what I want (it was also full of computers, so I've now thrown it out before I get any ideas!).

Hmm, seems I've written quite a lot for not having a lot to say....


Jan. 21st, 2004 11:18 am
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Last week I spent some time going back through past entries in this journal, editing a couple of them slightly, in order that I felt able to make a couple of them public.

I've some half formed thoughts wandering round my sleepy brain about how the way in which one uses a journalling system changes over time. In my very early posts there are a lot of very cryptic remarks, nowadays I tend to say what I mean and make the post friends only. In my early posts occurrances of swear words was enough for me to decide to make an entry friends only, and I'm now undecided about whether that was right or not; there are still people I know who would be utterly shocked at that language, and a fortiori, it coming from me, but maybe that kind of shock would be good for them? Often when looking at posts there's only one thing in them that makes me think 'oh no, better lock this one'.

Last night was kind of productive; I've worked out how much Council Tax I'm owed, and did lots of tidying of my room - Christmas decorations are at last put away at the back of my wardrobe. Discovered that the cable which plugs into my radio has gone missing - I think one of my housemates borrowed it for something, but I'm not sure what/why. Now found

Knitted a couple of rows - I found two balls - one blue one cream of different textures and wondered what they might look like if knitted together, and I think it looks really great - but I've no idea what to do with it - I've got a ten stitch wide strip on 3.75mm needles that would possibly do as an edging for something, but I don't know what. The wool is old (very nice, but found in a cupboard where it had been sitting for years) so I've no way of getting any more to match it, but I've no idea what I could make with such a small quantity of wool. (Posting to london.crafts about this is on my to do list, but can't really be done from work, due to ickiness of mail server) Done, but need to follow [livejournal.com profile] nou's suggestions.

My to do list currently includes:
Emptying the washing machine Now need to do another load of washing
Turning up adult uniform (Guide) trousers I bought yesterday - Kind of done - needs to be done properly at some point.
Returning the pair of trousers that don't fit
Replying to emails I've not had a chance to deal with (I made a stab at that at 1.30am this morning, which wasn't altogether a good idea)
Paying the invoice for BCN
Finding cheque book/bank statement to complete expenses form
Writing the dates.html page (now I've got the info)
Rainforest words

Writing the other haberdashery pages
Working out how to use a link checker and checking all of the links for validity
Thinking about how to incorporate a 'virtual tour of the shop' into the site - I'm strongly suspecting that it might be worth sorting out the SSI now, rather than keeping having to alter every single page when I want to add new content
Edit/add pictures to the site
Continue to investigate java/javascript/perl
Learn how to make use of the .processlogs
Plan additional Thinking Day activities - must talk to Jane soon, but I think I should have most of it planned first, 'cos I can then fire questions at her. Girl friendly instructions, instructions for adults, equipt needed, logistics eg. how do I get there - someone's going to have to give me a lift
Write to Monica to explain the envelope she's going to receive
Packing Guide bag, inc. badge file + Go For It On The Move, talk to Maria about GFI Showtime, get feedback re Innovate signed off.
Contact SS person re LW - still needs doing - might suggest that there should be a Young Guider rep as well as Rangers + YLs, having found an email from someone who is a Young Guider rep in another county who I met at Innovate. Also, folder for badge file.
LPC reading, writing revision/exam notes + not worrying about tomorrow's legal writing/PLR results Yes, I passed!
Decide what I'm wearing to the wedding
Saving the world


Nov. 24th, 2003 01:02 pm
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Yes, it rained all weekend. Don't suppose it really made that much difference to me, since I'd not been planning on doing much anyway - though my good intentions of going to the Nationwide on Saturday morning went to pieces, as per usual.

During the rest of the weekend, I've done some washing, washed loads of dishes, cooked a random pasta concoction (pasta, bacon, lentils, left over tomato sauce, tomato and cheese pasta bake sauce - thrown in the oven for 40 mins, then grated cheddar cheese on top and back in the oven for 20 mins or so) - which I've been eating ever since - there's enough for dinner tonight and tomorrow which is good.

I've also done some Queen's Guide bits (no, no website updates yet - that's still on the to do list) - feedback of Innovate is written and ready to go in the post, I've also gathered bits and pieces together to give feedback to my Guides here. I'm now approaching looking into campsite availability and prices for next summer. I think I know when I'm going to do the residential part as well, which is good - but it's not yet time to apply for it. I've booked the hall for our Thinking Day celebrations next year, now I just need to work out how to keep however many Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and SS entertained for two hours....and write a letter for J to distribute to the units telling them what I want them to do for the day.....(also need to write letters for the parents and work out whether I need One Day Activity forms for the girls....)

Edit: That's a lot of use - the Guiding Manuel tells me that when organising any activity outside the meeting place one needs contact telephone numbers and a first aid kit, but doesn't tell me whether I need a One Day Activity form or not. I think I might use it anyway, since it gives space for details of dietary requirements (ie nut allergies, which are becoming very common in kids, and which we need to know about) and health needs which it's important we know about, particularly when dealing with Rainbow (5-7 years) aged girls. It also suggests instigating a Home Contact procedure - but I really don't think that's necessary for spending two hours in a local hall. I also need to make sure I have enough adults to cover the number of under young people, (1:5 for Rainbows, 1:8 for Brownies and 1:12 for Guides).

Oh yes I've also done my LPC homework and had a driving lesson, so all in all, not as unproductive as it felt.


Jul. 1st, 2003 11:58 am
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Hmm, this is going to take a bit of explaning; to the best of my knowledge there's only one person on my friends' list who'll have any idea of what I'm talking about so, the background:

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Turkish baths Read more... )

Anyway, I met lots of nice, friendly people - many of whom who have already jumped through hoops that frighten me - someone aged 19 doing her Brownie Holiday licence very soon. I've decided to split my camp licence into at least two bits.

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